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My child has a fever. What do I do?

In most illnesses, it’s common to come down with a fever. While we have all had a fever at least once, that doesn’t make parents less worried when their little one gets sick and has



Living in Canada during the winter months means that we will all experience snow, cold, and extremely low temperatures at times. As adults, most of us are aware of the risks and how to protect



RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) has begun to hit daycares and preschools nationwide. Though most cases of RSV are mild, it can be hazardous for young children. Here is some more information about the virus so


What is the role of a pediatric nurse?

Our KixNurses are all pediatric registered nurses, but what does this mean? What is a Registered Nurse (RN)? Registered Nurses (RNs) have a 4-year university degree in nursing, which provides them with training on diseases

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