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Find a Pediatrician in Barrie, Ontario

Sometimes it can be hard to find a pediatrician that will take new patients, especially if the clinic is far away or your schedule is too busy to go. Luckily, there is an easy way around this problem! Our dedicated telehealth solutions allow for virtual appointments with certified experts who are knowledgeable and friendly. You won’t have to drive all over town or wait for hours every time something concerning comes up regarding your child’s health. Instead, you can use KixCare for easy and simple appointments. All you need to access our free services is a valid provincial health card!

We Are Here for You and Your Family

KixCare has developed a telehealth solution that makes it easy, and even calming, to connect with certified medical professionals. Our ever-evolving team is proud of how we cover all pediatric angles and can help treat whatever problem you approach us with. This means you will never have to guess what your next step should be when caring for your child! Whether you require assistance breastfeeding from an expert lactation consultant or urgent mental health care, Kixcare will gladly help you and your child out. 

Easily Connect to Doctors With KixCare

Hard facts are hard to come by, but a new reality is emerging in the Canadian healthcare field. Hospitals and clinics may not be able or willing to take care of your child due to both financial constraints and staff availability and may try to rush you out as fast as possible. Instead, feel heard with our virtual pediatric services! KixCare puts priority and importance on you and your children and allows waiting rooms to be freed up. Our virtual team can handle everything from stubborn growing pains to sudden fever. Telehealth services also make it easy to get prescriptions, request lab results, referrals to even more specialized providers and more. Try KixCare and get better, quality care.

Cost and Time Effective Pediatric Care

Your child can continue to receive the best Canadian pediatric care without any bank-breaking costs or extreme wait times. Our services are brought into your home virtually, so you don’t have to get anxiety about driving far or having your children far away from familiar surroundings. All you need to have is a provincial health card in order to book our free appointments. You can also get receipts from us if you don’t have a provincial health card as many insurance companies will reimburse you for using our services. Never spend more than necessary and keep your wait times short when you book an appointment with us.

Ready to Get Started? Let’s Connect!

Connecting to a Pediatric Provider is As Easy As 1,2,3...


Register your Child

Register your child with a health card for doctor visits or credit card for experts visits.


Book an Appointment

Select the reason for your visit and book an appointment.


Connect to KixCare Provider

Connect to your KixCare provider easily and safely by videoconference.

Free Pediatrician Visits, plus Affordable Rates for Pediatric Specialists.

Pediatrician Virtual Visits
Free with a valid health card in Ontario and Quebec (More provinces coming soon!)
Pediatric Expert Visits
Starting from $90 per session. Reimbursable under most private insurance plans (Insurance receipts provided).

Free Pediatrician Visits , plus Affordable Rates for Pediatric Specialists.

Pediatrician Virtual Visits
Free with a valid health card in Ontario and Quebec (More provinces coming soon!)
Pediatric Specialist Visits
Starting from $90 per session. Reimbursable under most private insurance plans (Insurance receipts provided).

What KixCare Parents are Saying

Top-rated Pediatric Care. Patients reviews from Google and Facebook.
Carmen Fung
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Easy to book. Knowledgeable and patient pediatrician. Dr Harman really took time to explain everything. Great experience, first time using Kixcare
Maria Nguyen
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Absolutely amazing experience! Same day appointment. The Dr was super patient, kind and helpful. Our daughter wasn't feeling well and we kept trying to call to book an appointment with her pediatrician, thank goodness for KixCare! So glad we found this place.
Emily Chen
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I had a great experience with KixCare and Dr. Kadar. My son was ill and needed to see a healthcare professional ASAP but his pediatrician didn't have any appointments available until weeks later, even though it was an emergency. I tried KixCare and got an appointment the same day. Dr. Kadar was very knowledgeable and informative and gave me plenty of opportunities to express my concerns and ask questions. We will definitely be using this service again, highly recommend!
Natasha Grieco
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What an excellent experience! We were able to get an appointment very quickly. From start to finish, I was impressed with the communication and reminders for our appointment. Dr. Sadana was absolutely lovely and is so professional. He took his time with us and I really appreciate that. I wish we were in the Ottawa area because I would love to have him as our pediatrician. I'm so glad you offer such a wonderful service and have already recommended KixCare to other moms. Thank you so much.
Candice P
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Such a wonderful program to have access to! It was easy to make an appointment, followed up with text & email confirmation and reminders. We even had someone call us to ensure we received the link to our virtual appointment and that we were not experiencing any technical issues. Dr. Fahad Masud (a pediatrician at CHEO) was on time, very friendly, and really took the time to understand our concerns and provide a thorough treatment plan. I couldn't be happier!
Jessica Purdy
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KixCare deserves all the praise. They have been instrumental in having my toddler seen by a professional and courteous pediatrician in a timely manner twice now. They have come in so handy at a time when my daughter’s own pediatrician couldn’t see her quickly enough, and have saved us a couple unnecessary visits to the emergency room. Love KixCare and our family is very grateful to this team!
Jho Krisann Legaspi
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It’s a convenient way to see a pediatrician. It’s easy to book an appointment, and we got constant reminders. I personally like the experience. The team is also so prompt in replying to emails. Thanks so much to KixCare team.

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