Contributions by: Ashton Thornton, RN, BScN

We wrap up our 101 series about our multidisciplinary team of pediatric healthcare experts with a discussion focused on Registered Nurses (RNs). RNs are at the heart of the Kix360° service and provide invaluable support and guidance with proactive (continuing) and reactive (episodic) pediatric healthcare. Let’s get started!

What is a Registered Nurse (RN)?

Registered Nurses (RNs) are licensed healthcare professionals that provide direct nursing care to patients, deliver health education programs and provide consultative services on issues relevant to their scope of practice. They can identify conditions, recommend over-the-counter medication and interventions, and provide health teaching and promotion.

RNs usually complete a 4-year post-secondary university nursing program to become generalist registered nurses. The program contains theory and clinical instruction in medical and surgical nursing across various areas.

Can an RN prescribe medication?

While an RN cannot prescribe medication, they can identify conditions, recommend over-the-counter medications and interventions, and provide health teaching and promotion. Through their ability to identify symptoms and illnesses, RNs have helped thousands of families in our Kix360° service alone to prevent unnecessary trips to the emergency room.

RNs can triage the level and urgency of care needed from another provider and know how to navigate the healthcare system. They play an essential role in leading the care at Kix360° and work alongside the Nurse Practitioners to ensure high-quality care and 24/7 access for our KixFamilies.

What is unique about RNs and the Kix360° Experience?

Our team of RNs, or as you might know them, KixNurses, practice to their full RN scope of practice. They are the initial and primary contact within the Kix360° program. RNs help support our KixFamilies throughout all health and wellness concerns by providing assessments, managing illnesses, symptoms, and providing the support needed to empower our KixFamilies to prevent unnecessary trips to the emergency department.

Our KixNurses are trained to triage our KixFamilies to our NPs, and, as needed, who are available through video appointments and conveniently scheduled by your KixNurse based on availability, to provide our families with the full Kix360° healthcare experience. They also support and encourage proactive care such as growth, development, nutrition, and mental health to ensure our care is not just reactive healthcare.

With the ongoing shortage of family doctors in Canada, how can parents ensure that children receive the best care possible?

KixCare has you covered!

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