Virtual pediatric care available to Mastermind employee families

Mastermind has partnered with KixCare to offer free virtual pediatrician visits to employees’ families. KixCare is Canada’s first and only virtual care platform created specifically for children. Their roster of 40+ pediatricians and pediatric care experts are available to Mastermind employees, 7 days/week.

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Kids & their Families

Soins pédiatriques de qualité supérieure

KixCare a été mis sur pied par des pédiatres et des spécialistes en pédiatrie canadiens qui sont aussi des parents. Nous comprenons ce que vous vivez, car nous aussi sommes passés par là.

Circle of Care

Pediatricians who know you. Rest easy knowing that your child is only a referral (or self-referral!) away from our comprehensive network of expert Pediatric Care Specialists.

Pédiatres gratuits et accessibles

With a valid health card see a pediatrician online for free. Pediatric Care Specialist appointments can be booked conveniently online, at affordable rates that are reimbursable under most private insurance plans.

About KixCare

KixCare was built by parents for parents. We know you want what is best for your child and we are here to provide expert care from qualified Pediatricians and Pediatric Care Specialists. The KixCare difference is our accessibility, offering free visits 7 days a week with doctors who know your kids.

From Pediatrician walk-ins to Mental Health assessments, Sleep and Lactation Consultations, and more - we’re here to make it all better, together.

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