Get your children prescribed Benadryl.


Do your children need to be prescribed Benadryl? KixCare can help your children get prescribed within minutes. Medications are only prescribed when determined by the doctor to be appropriate and safe for your children’s medical needs.

Let us know if you need help with prescription medications for your children.

Prescriptions written by qualified Pediatricians at no extra cost.

KixCare Pediatricians can prescribe medications online where deemed medically necessary and appropriate after an assessment. Simply indicate your preferred pharmacy when booking your appointment and your Pediatrician will send a secure fax directly to that pharmacy with details on the medication name, formulation, dosage, frequency, and duration.

Please note: not all KixCare Pediatricians may be comfortable prescribing all types of medication. KixCare Pediatricians may refer your child to in-person care in cases where diagnoses cannot be confirmed online.

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