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Pediatric Specialists

KixCare Psychologists and Behavioral Counsellors can develop a personalized support plan for your child.

We know that mental health does not look the same for every kid. If your kid is experiencing behavioural issues or navigating through a difficult time, KixCare is here to help. We work with a variety of professionals to help them get back on track.

Currently available in Ontario. (Get notified when we’re in your province). 

What is Mental Health?

Mental Health is our emotional, psychological and behavioral well-being. It can be a serious issue that is hard to talk about but is important at every stage of life. Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Counsellors and Social Workers provide treatments to address issues and promote resilience in order to help kids feel their best. 

Why should my child see a Mental Health Practitioner?

It's important to take mental health issues seriously at any stage in life. For children, mental health is even more important - childhood is one of the most crucial stages for growth and development for every individual, and this applies to mental well-being as well. Ignoring or failing to identify mental health issues can permanently change the way a child thinks and behaves.

What is the difference between all the different Mental Health Practitioners?

A Psychologist is trained in studying and identifying issues in the way that individuals think, feel and behave. KixCare's Psychologists can use talk therapy and activities to come to accurate diagnoses and assessments of your child's condition.

A Psychiatrist is a medical doctor who has specialized training in mental health issues. Psychiatrists evaluate mental health conditions from both a psychological and physical view. KixCare's Psychiatrists are able to prescribe medication to help your child manage their mental issues, and some also offer talk therapy services. A Counsellor is a licensed professional who works with individuals, families, couples and groups. Counsellors walk clients through their behaviors, emotions and thoughts, and provide advice on coping with issues or mental health symptoms. KixCare's Counsellors are able to sit down with your child and/or your family and provide confidential support and advice on mental health concerns.

A Behaviour Specialist focuses on patterns of behaviour and understanding the cause and motivation behind behaviour in order to help change it to be more functional, socially and developmentally appropriate. KixCare Behaviour Specialists focus on the child through a holistic lens and teach skills, tools and strategies to children and families to help with any behavioural or developmental needs. 

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CBT Therapy media
CBT Counselling

  • Treatment focused on improving your child's mental health and clarity.

  • Price: $180 per 60 min session

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Parent Therapy Consultation

  • Get involved to address family dynamics and resolve issues together.

  • Price: $225 (+tax) per 60 min session (initial and follow-up appointments)

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Follow-up Child Consultation

  • Guidance for your child's wellbeing, social behavior and clarity of mind.

  • Price: $225 (+tax) per 60 min session

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