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Pediatric Specialists

Psychologists and Behavioural Counsellors

Behavioural issues can feel challenging and difficult to navigate. KixCare psychologists and behavioural counsellors are here to help.

Currently available in Ontario and Quebec

What do Pediatric Psychologists and Behavioural Counsellors do?

Psychologists and behavioural counsellors treat kids with goals of promoting resilience and helping kids feel their best.

A Pediatric Psychologist focuses on child-related concerns by supporting and analyzing children and their families to better understand family dynamics and develop a proactive and practical plan to help the child succeed.

Areas of support include

  • Developmental delays

  • Learning disabilities

  • Depression and anxiety

A Behavioral Counsellor is a licensed professional who works with individuals, families, couples and groups. Counsellors walk clients through their behaviours, emotions and thoughts, and they provide advice on coping with issues or mental health symptoms. KixCare counsellors can provide confidential support and advice for concerns including:

  • Anger and emotional regulation

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Attention deficit and learning challenges

  • Relationship problems

  • Self-growth and self-esteem

  • Eating, weight and body image

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CBT Therapy media
CBT Counselling

  • Treatment focused on improving your child's mental health and clarity.

  • Price: $180 per 60 min session

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Parent Therapy Consultation

  • Get involved to address family dynamics and resolve issues together.

  • Price: $225 (+tax) per 60 min session (initial and follow-up appointments)

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Follow-up Child Consultation

  • Guidance for your child's wellbeing, social behavior and clarity of mind.

  • Price: $225 (+tax) per 60 min session

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