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Pediatric Specialists

KixCare Physiotherapists can develop a personalized support plan for your kid.

Whether your child needs help recovering from an injury or needs exercises to maintain their physical health while travelling, KixCare is here to help. KixCare provides a strong network of physiotherapists who can conduct assessments and create treatment/exercise plans virtually! Let’s make it all better, together.

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What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy allows patients to improve their mobility and quality of life. This includes developing or recovering gross motor skills such as grasping, walking, or jumping; improving flexibility and strength; as well as learning how to maintain a healthy posture when sitting and standing.

Why should my child see a physiotherapist?

Physiotherapy is not only reserved for adults - in fact, there are many Pediatric Physiotherapists with experience providing quality treatment and workout plans for children. KixCare's Pediatric Physiotherapists are able to help your child through a number of physical issues, including:

Injuries from sport - physiotherapists are able to provide effective exercises that allow for faster rehabilitation from injuries.
Recovery from cast/splint supports - physiotherapists are able to provide tips and exercises that allow for children to regain mobility and muscle strength without the help of a cast or splint.
Dealing with growing pains - physiotherapists are able to help children manage the tension that builds up from fast bone growth paired with slow tissue growth.

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Physiotherapy Initial Assessment

  • Expert evaluation and assessment of your child's physical condition done virtually.

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Physiotherapy Follow-up Visit

  • Follow-up appointments to discuss your treatment plan.

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