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KixCare Sleep Consultants can help you and your kid sleep through the night.

If your kid has experienced trouble sleeping, falling asleep, or general fatigue KixCare is here to help. Book an appointment with a kid-focused Sleep Consultant today and get on the path to better rest.

Available for Canadian kids in every province and territory. 

What is a Sleep Consultant?

Sleep consultants coach parents to get their kids to sleep through the night without the need for assistance. Sleep coaches can provide advice, educate, and directly support kids and parents in getting the bed earlier and for longer. KixCare Sleep Consultants are happy to answer any questions you may have about sleep!

Why should my child see a Sleep Consultant?

A Sleep Consultant can evaluate and assess your child's sleeping habits accurately, meaning that you won't have to guess why your child is waking up every few hours. Sleep Consultants are able to provide evidence-based solutions that will allow your child to correct poor sleeping habits and fall asleep easier.

What type of issues can Sleep Consultants address?

KixCare's Sleep Consultants are able to provide comprehensive care for a number of sleeping disorders and issues, including: • Insomnia - having difficulties with falling or staying asleep; this can have serious effects on your child's daytime behavior • Sleep apnea - erratic starts and stops to breathing while sleeping; this can cause a child to wake up very tired, as well as disruptive sleep behavior caused by lack of air • Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) - having a consistent and overwhelming need to move one's legs while lying down due to discomfort

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Service tailored to your kid

Kixcare KidSpecialist Sleep Pricing2
Sleep Consultant Initial Assessment

  • Figure out what is keeping your child from getting the best sleep possible.

  • Price: $399 (+tax) per 90 min session

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Sleep Consultant Treatment

  • Advice, support, and strategies to improve your child's quality of rest.

  • Price: $275 (+tax) per 60 min session

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Sleep Consultant Follow-up Visit

  • Ask us anything about sleep, during or after your current treatment plan.

  • Price: $140 (+tax) per 30 min session

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