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Pediatric Specialists

KixCare Speech-Language Pathologists are available for early intervention of communication issues.

Clear communication is a building block for healthy development and getting kids back to play. Do you suspect that your kid may have a speech or language issue? Book an appointment with a kid-focused Speech-Language Pathologist today and let’s make it all better, together.

Currently available in Ontario. (Get notified when we’re in your province).

What is a Speech-Language Pathologist?

Speech-Language Pathologists can evaluate, diagnose, and treat issues with speech or language functions such as articulation, motor skill development, speech delays, voice and resonance disorders, or reading and writing skills. KixCare Speech-Language Pathologists are happy to answer any questions you may have!

Why should my child see a Speech-Language Pathologist?

Ensuring that your child is able to properly understand and communicate ideas is important, as it allows your child to properly adjust into different social settings. Speech-Language Pathologists are able to address both speech and language issues that your child may be struggling with - this includes:

Chronic hoarseness
Hearing impairments
Cognitive/developmental delays
Fluency disorders (stuttering and more)

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Service tailored to your kid.

Kixcare KidSpecialist Speech Pricing2
Speech Language Therapy

  • Treatment plans and therapy for a number of communication issues.

  • Price: $180 (+tax) per 40 min session (initial consultation and follow-ups)

Kixcare KidSpecialist Speech Pricing1
Articulation Assessment

  • Identify the factors affecting your child's articulation.

  • Price: $250 (+tax)

Language Screener media
Language Screener

  • A detailed gauge of your child's language skills and understanding.

  • Price: $350 (+tax)

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