Specialized paediatric care, 
for premier camps everywhere

KixCare provides partnerships to camps wanting to prioritize the health and well-being of campers. 

Get 24/7 access to a team of specialized practitioners via video calling and messaging with KixCare for Camp.

KixCare: Virtual Physical and Mental Health Consults for Kids 0-17

Whether a child suddenly falls ill or sustains an injury during their camp session, our KixOne service enables prompt medical attention and guidance. No need for families to rush to camp, or counsellors and campers to spend hours in the emergency department. 

Virtual medical care and guidance

Our Nurse Practitioners can virtually assess, diagnose, and treat common camper health concerns 7 days a week.

Peace of mind

Accessible care empowers camp staff while giving parents peace of mind, and more time at camp for kids. 

Complete care navigation

Our Nurse Practitioners can provide digital lab and imaging requisitions, prescriptions and renewals.

Convenient and trustworthy care, personalized to your campers’ needs.

1. Choose availability that works for your schedule.

2. Create camper profile including consent form and medical history.

3. Attend the video visit.

4. Follow the care plan provided by our Nurse Practitioner.

Discover the KixCare Difference

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Reliable access to a team of specialized pediatric Nurse Practitioners 7 days a week

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Assessment, treatment, and prescriptions, with quick care navigation


Guidance and support to empower staff with campers’ care

Our KixTeam consists of specialized pediatric experts from leading children’s hospitals, such as:

Ways we can support you:

Mental health • Nutrition and diet • Social and emotional well-being
• Parenting • Urgent care and health conditions

What customers are saying about KixCare

Martin G.
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“This is a great service. When you have a question or you are worried, you get immediate access to a registered nurse that will answer all your questions. Beats driving to the doctor's office and waiting for simple things. Very convenient.”
Vivian L.
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“Really great experience with KixCare! I was able to get information quickly as well as speak with a nurse practitioner to reassure that everything was okay with my daughter. I love the convenience of having someone available 24/7 right at your fingertips! As a mama with anxiety, this was a great relief..."
Leah C.
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“Excellent care . Immediate assessment by RN and an appointment with nurse practitioner within 3 hours and prescription forwarded to my pharmacy. My child never had to leave her bed.”
Martin M.
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“As someone who has struggled with finding quality healthcare, I cannot express my gratitude enough for KixCare Health Service. From the moment I signed up, I felt incredibly supported and cared for. The staff at KixCare are simply amazing.”
Samantha A.
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“KixCare has been incredible. My family Doctor has recently left his practice, this has been a great help! Definitely recommend!”
Daniel R.
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“Easy to use and nurses always responded in a timely manner”

Interested in adding specialized pediatric care to your camp program? Book a discovery call with our KixCare team today. 

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